Thando was born in a small town called Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape. He then moved to Johannesburg at an early age for a better education. Thando is the eldest of 3 boys raised by a single mother. Thando expresses that ever since joining the program he has acquired working experience and found his purpose in life; his networking circle has grown immensely, and he has taken interest in advocating for the LBGTQIA+ community.

His career focus has always been in the entertainment industry and he is chasing a goal of owning his own events company. Thando has recently completed training in entrepreneurship and is currently studying management of technology and innovation with an elective in creative ventures, at the Da Vinci Institute.

Thando states that he grateful for the opportunity that Youth Health Africa has granted him. He further expresses that it has been fun to work with a group of people that see you for your contribution and that do not judge you by your sexual orientation.”