“I am Annie Legaba Ramashala, a Data Capturer at Sediane Clinic. Before this internship program, I worked as a mobilizer in a community circumcision program. I have learned that young people have the ability to do what they put their minds to, with dedication nothing is impossible. I’ve gained some Administration skills, patience, and more knowledge about TB and HIV through the Aurum Institute.

My family is very supportive of the work that I do. If I were to have one conversation with the CEO of Youth Health Africa,Bulelani Kuwane, I would tell him that the Youth Health Africa program grooms young people to become active citizens and health ambassadors by exposing us to a healthy work environment and empowers youth by facilitating the gaining of skills and work experience. If I could dream big and without limitations, I would dream of becoming a nurse specializing in ART.

Through the Youth Health Africa internship and working Aurum and DoH colleagues, I have gained incredible skills and knowledge in data capturing, decanting, modality, and administration. Youth must know that TB is curable when adhering to medication and HIV can be neutralized when adhering to the treatment due to the suppressed viral load.”