Farai Mzungu, 26

Chief operations officer
Youth Health Africa

In the world that Farai Mzungu is working to create, her role will no longer be necessary.
She’s the chief operations officer of Youth Health Africa (YHA), with a dual focus on healthcare and youth unemployment. YHA runs initiatives to help young people become employable and healthy, including a year-long skills development programme that puts them into healthcare facilities in entry-level roles as tracers, data capturers, navigators or lay counsellors, freeing the clinical staff up to see more patients.
Mzungu also runs youth-focused HIV testing campaigns to encourage people to know their status, take the necessary treatments and live healthy lives.
In her time at YHA, she has benefited more than 3 400 people, 75% of them women, and plans to expand across Africa. “To be able to ease the burden off healthcare systems while empowering young people across the continent is phenomenal,” she says.

“To make a difference in our lives and the lives of others, it’s important that we don’t let the limitations of the world create a ceiling on our dreams.” 

Source: https://200youngsouthafricans.co.za/

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Author: Andie Reeves | mg.co.za